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Dyslexia Tuition

Once a child is diagnosed with dyslexia, tuition can help to use their strengths to support their weaknesses. A multi-sensory, cumulative approach will help build on their phonological awareness and support their reading and spelling skills.

Tutoring overview


Lessons taught by a fully-qualified Specialist Dyslexia Assessor


Each tutoring lesson costs £40


Lessons are one hour per week with six lessons per half term


Dyslexia tutoring is tailored to a child's specific needs. Each lesson works on a cumulative basis, adding onto their knowledge week by week. Lessons are hands-on and engaging, playing to the child's strengths to support their weaknesses. Each half-term forms a six-week block, with the final week assessing progress in a games-based manner.

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West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2

+44 7948 600 569

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